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September 17th, 2016

1 Month till the Wedding

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Today is August 17th. There are 30 days left between Ryan, myself, and the altar. After all this time it feels awfully, wonderfully surreal. Who wants to party? Getting in all the RSVPs (well hearing about them via Mom and Dad) - Ryan & I are probably just as excited to see and celebrate with our favorite people...
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2 Months till the Wedding

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We are changing things up a bit and I'm going to write this month's post. Don't worry. This just means it will likely be shorter :P. Today is July 17th, so we have 2 months until the wedding & Tomorrow we will celebrate having been engaged for 2 years! A lot has happened in the last month, and...
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3 Months till the Wedding

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Today is June 17th. Three months till the big day! I woke up to the countdown app on my phone... REMINDER: Our Wedding 09/17/16 Like I'm going to forget. lol. We passed another landmark the other day- 100 days to go -Now 91. I wrote a sweet and sappy post about it here. You should go...
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100 Days till the Wedding

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We're about to drop out of the triple digit day countdown. Eek. Which, felt pretty noteworthy, so here we are... I'm also procrastinating studying cramming for my national ObGyn Shelf exam tomorrow & kinda still waking up (I've been on night float this week). Funny thing about this post/ semi-significant day is I haven't seen Ryan since Sunday....
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4 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is May 17th. Just four months till the big day! Four months... 17'4 weeks... 123 days... 2952 hours... yikes. Today we've been engaged for just shy of 22 months... I started the clerkship phase of my training this month... First up: OBGYN- so things have been a little crazy. Ryan has been holding down the fort like...
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5 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is April 17th. ...well it was when I originally started this post. Then life happened. So lets just pretend... Only five more months to go! Ryan & I were home in the Valley this weekend. We got to see some family, framily and check off some wedding to-do's! Today we met with Jenn to talk about out...
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6 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is March 17th. Today is Saint Paddy's Day. Tomorrow is 9.5 Years Together. Two weeks is STEP 1 Day. This post is going to be painfully short -- sorry for that. These last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for Ryan and I but I can say, without a doubt, that I wouldn't want to be...
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7 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is February 17th. Yay, that February. T-minus 7. Throughout this long and drawn out planning process I've been a bit of a broken record: "I just want to have everything figured out by February." -me. at least 500 times. So whats so special about February?? Nothing per-say. Oh, except for the world as I know it coming...
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8 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is January 17th. Welcome to 2016—This is the year we get married, the year that felt SO far away when we set the date some eighteen odd months ago. Now, with only 8 months left of our engagement things are getting a little surreal. For the last few months whenever I get asked: “How’s the...
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Introducing Our Wedding Party!

Introducing Our Wedding Party! thumbnail
We are very fortunate to have been surrounded by some pretty amazing people over the last 10+ years A few of them even agreed to stand next to us as we exchange our vows. Maid of Honor: Sara Allison, Bride's Best Friend Bridesmaids: Trish McCreery, Bride's Sister Michal Hammond, Bride's Friend Jenn Smith, Bride's Friend Kate Burt, Bride's...
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How I asked My Groomsmen

How I asked My Groomsmen thumbnail
The Reason Over the last few months Rebecca (my Fiancee) and I have continued making progress on all the little tasks that we have to complete before our wedding. One of these tasks is asking our intended bridesmaids/groomsmen to be in the wedding. Rebecca approached this by asking each of the girls in a way that was...
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Automatic Server Snapshots

Automatic Server Snapshots thumbnail
So, after accidentally messing up previous attempts at this website, I wanted to be sure we had a way to easily revert the entire server back. Just in case we... you know... screw something up. Again. As I've written about before, I have set this website up on a digital ocean droplet. One thing I love about Digital...
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9 months till the Wedding

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Today is December 17th... which means 9 months till the wedding. Woah. ....talk about things that happen 9mths... im supposed to be studying for my human reproduction exam tomorrow. merp. I'll just keep this short. Last month's goals & accomplishments: We sent out our Save the Dates on Saturday-- Hopefully, they've arrived in everyone's mailboxes in one piece....
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Fun with STDs!

Fun with STDs! thumbnail
...Save the Dates that is. Sorry guys, the Sex Ed educator in me just couldn't resist :p I remember early on in this wedding planning journey having a conversation with beautiful Jenn (Rittenhouse) Smith about Save the Dates. What were they? Why do they exist? Isn't that just a waste of paper/postage etc? Eventually, I came to...
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10 Months till the Wedding

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Today is November 17th... which means 10 months from today Ryan and I will be saying "I Do" ( well, actually we wrote our vows as "i will" but, more on that later.) We got the pictures back from our Engagement Photo Shoot with our wedding photographer Emilee Chambers--They turned out amazing! See them all here! Emilee was so...
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About this site (Non-Technical)

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This website is a joint endeavor for Ryan and I. Those of you who have and the privilege to watch us collaborate in the past know this could get interesting... pour one out for our senior year physics catapult. Tomorrow marks the 10-month countdown to the wedding. 10 months till our 10th (and 0th) anniversary. Woah. Thankfully, over...
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About this Site (Technical)

About this Site (Technical) thumbnail
Rebecca and I first attempted to create this site using a wordpress install in conjunction with a LAMP stack that I setup on my Raspberry Pi 2. This worked okay, and allowed us to sort of figure out the organization of the site, but it had some issues. I was worried about maintaining 24/7 uptime, and also...
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