1 Month till the Wedding

Wedding Countdown

Today is August 17th.

There are 30 days left between Ryan, myself, and the altar. After all this time it feels awfully, wonderfully surreal.

Who wants to party?

Getting in all the RSVPs (well hearing about them via Mom and Dad) - Ryan & I are probably just as excited to see and celebrate with our favorite people as we are to "get married" probably more.

Right now I'm halfway through my surgery clerkship and really enjoying it despite the mental the physiological challenges it has presented. 3 more weeks and then it's on to peds- the week of the wedding; here's hoping I dodge week 1 gastro....
Planning a wedding during medical school particularly 3rd year has been... harrowing. Ryan and I are very much looking forward to being able to allocate our meager free, couple time to things not wedding related.


Please and Thank you. No worries if you lost your RSVP card-- or if it won't make it in snail mail, just send me an email or leave me a voicemail with you attendance reply and meal choices. Otherwise, we will be reaching out to tardy repliers this weekend-- consider yourselves warned.
If there are some extenuating circumstances making it impossible to reply yes-or-no right now, let us know that too and we will figure something out. ;)


The hold on the rooms official ended yesterday but feel free to continue to book rooms and inquire about our group rate-- I'd imagine if there are rooms available they will be accommodating- it is their job. ba-dum-tiss
More info on the accommodations page.

Thank You!

A huge, wonderful, amazing THANK YOU to everyone who made my bridal shower so fantastic a few weekends back! Thank you for all your generous gifts and for lovely presence! I am very blessed to have you all in my life.
alt How 'bout that hat though?

Whats up for next month?

Everything thats not done yet + Actually get married. NBD.

See you all soon! I'll be the one in white ;)

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥