10 Months till the Wedding

Wedding Countdown Pictures

Today is November 17th... which means 10 months from today Ryan and I will be saying "I Do" ( well, actually we wrote our vows as "i will" but, more on that later.)

We got the pictures back from our Engagement Photo Shoot with our wedding photographer Emilee Chambers--They turned out amazing! See them all here!

Emilee was so sweet and an absolute blast to work with. Ryan and I are wicked uncomfortable getting pictures taken--and if there is a camera around you can all but guarantee my eyes are closed. But, she made us relaxable and comfortable enough to let our guard down and just have fun on a beautiful autumn day. One of my favorites!

With the pictures back I was able to put the finishing touches on our Save the Dates. Not going to lie, I'm really proud of them. :) I'll probably do a post on my pintrest-inspired DIY after we send them out in a few weeks.

Our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:
1. Get the website ready for its debut (aka post the wedding details that are actually important to guests)
2. Send out Save the Dates!!
3. Touch base with vendors (Bally Spring- new coordinator; DJ- about that contract??)
4. Schedule 2nd session with Pastor Nick.
5. Identify florists and bakeries to check out over winter break.

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥