100 Days till the Wedding

We're about to drop out of the triple digit day countdown. Eek.

Which, felt pretty noteworthy, so here we are...

I'm also procrastinating studying cramming for my national ObGyn Shelf exam tomorrow & kinda still waking up (I've been on night float this week).

100 Days to Go!

Funny thing about this post/ semi-significant day is

I haven't seen Ryan since Sunday.

Yes, we still live together. We've just been functioning on opposite shifts since I left the house Sunday evening.
We mumble half asleep "hello," "good-bye," and "i love you,"s as I crawl into bed between 2-4am (they've been letting up out early since it's test week :D ) and when he leaves for work a few hours later... you know when I'm deep in a REM cycle ;)
I actually don't have to go in tonight because of our exam in the morning but Ryan has class in Boston and won't be home till late anyways- alas.

Still it hasn't been all that bad. I think we are both looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend --and our first trip to Block Island with some friends from school!

It's weeks like this that make me very thankful for the partner I have and the path we've chosen.

Opposite schedules on a stressful test week isn't fun but it feels trivial compared to the various challenges we've overcome in the last decade together, namely 4 years of long distance and all that entailed.
Now, these little yucky stretches remind me of how much that sucked, how glad I am that it's over, and how much stronger we are because of it-- and they remind me to not take the little moments for granted. Because sometimes all there is time for is "hello," "good-bye," and "i love you", and, at least for a little, that can be enough.

Going Forward

It's been really easy to get swept up (and rightly so) in school stuff the last few weeks...months... and now that the wedding is getting ever closer I want to try and slow down-- if only for a few minutes-- and enjoy the process.
The wedding/wedding planning is/was starting to feel like another checkbox on my to-do list (ugh-oh) so I am going to try to make a more concerted effort to reflect on the planning process/life here. Feel free to read- or don't; It's all about me anyways. <-- bridezilla moment #1

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥

p.s. Ryan, thanks for being awesome-- most days. ;) I love you.
p.p.s. Ryan, the vacuum is still out and trying to kill me. :-*