4 Months Till the Wedding

Countdown Wedding Rebecca

Today is May 17th.

Just four months till the big day!

Four months... 17'4 weeks... 123 days... 2952 hours...

Today we've been engaged for just shy of 22 months...


I started the clerkship phase of my training this month... First up: OBGYN- so things have been a little crazy. Ryan has been holding down the fort like a champ. It should be interesting to see what happens in a few weeks when his classes start up again too...

Last month's accomplishments:

Our Registry page is now live.

Ryan & I decided to register a few different ways:

Please, check out our Registry page for more information.

So what's next?

Our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:

  1. Get Ryan's passport.
  2. Jewelry insurance-- how many times have I listed this one? geez?
  3. Cake & Food decisions
  4. Invitations


bride-to-be, over and out. ♥