5 Months Till the Wedding

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Today is April 17th.

...well it was when I originally started this post. Then life happened. So lets just pretend...

Only five more months to go!

Ryan & I were home in the Valley this weekend. We got to see some family, framily and check off some wedding to-do's!

Today we met with Jenn to talk about out invitations and then hustled over to Bally Spring Inn for our tasting. The parents joined us which was a blast-- and helpful for getting feedback on the non-veg friendly dishes.

This was the first time we were home since New Years. It was great to be able to visit and get some stuff accomplished but these whirlwind 36hr trips are rough.

...so sleepy... alt

quick recap...

Last month's accomplishments:

So what's next?

Our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:

  1. Get Ryan's license corrected.
  2. Get Ryan's passport.
  3. Jewelry insurance-- how many times have I listed this one? geez?
  4. Cake & Food decisions
  5. Honeymoon Planning
  6. Order Bridesmaids' dresses

alt ♥ Family ♥

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥