7 Months Till the Wedding

Countdown Wedding Rebecca

Today is February 17th.

Yay, that February. T-minus 7.

Throughout this long and drawn out planning process I've been a bit of a broken record: "I just want to have everything figured out by February." -me. at least 500 times.

So whats so special about February??

Nothing per-say.

Oh, except for the world as I know it coming to an end.

Okay, okay. That may be a bit of a melodramatic statement but it is true in a sense.

I take my last pre-clinical exam on Friday (2/19) thus marking the end of my first two years of medical school and the beginning of the foreboding limbo that is Board Prep.

In a few days I will "disappear" & "go-into-hidding" for 6 weeks to study for my first United States Medical Licensing Examination-- USMLE STEP 1.

After hopefully dominating the exam on April 2nd I will start my 3rd year clerkships-- And "free time" (in which to plan the wedding) will become a thing of the past.

Well, okay then.

Whoops. Sorry guys, this was supposed to be a quick, light-hearted post/diversion before I went back to studying GI.
My bad.

One thing I can say about study period is that I am very glad to have Ryan in my corner. Some days he drives me crazy--but most days he's the only thing keeping me sane. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have made it this far without him <3 -- and without all you wonderful people :D


...if i had to pick one picture to capture our relationship ♥

Last month's goals & accomplishments:

Looking over our checklist... we maybe get a 'C' for last month.
...but hey, C's get degrees right?

Here's the run down...

  1. Get Ryan’s passport

    • Well, this one got a little more complicated- It was recently discovered that Ryan's license has a typo- For the last 18mths or so Ryan has been caring around license with his last name misspelled.
      the incorrect, himmLEwright vs. the correct, himmELwright
    • So instead of checking off one task, we will be adding another:
      Get Ryan's license corrected
  2. Look into jewelry insurance… I keep pushing this one off so I’m sharing with my accountability partner—The Internet

    • Ooo, Strike two!... maybe next month. probably not.
  3. Order Ryan’s wedding ring

    • Can't cross this one off yet either, but good Lord it wasn't for lack of trying (aka pestering). All thats left now is for Ryan to pick which wood liner he wants and we can order the ring.
    • If you're curious check out this amazing shop we found on Etsy: Second Street Ringcraft
  4. Hotel reservation block

    • Almost...
      I called all of the hotels off of the Quakertown turnpike exchange; I was able to talk to two... still waiting for the others to call back.
      Right now the front runner is the Hampton Inn with a group rate of 109/nt.
  5. Finalize wedding stationary plans

    • Yay! We did this. Kinda.
      We will be working with Ryan's Aunt Jenn! :)
      You can check out some of her beautiful work on her blog. I have always admired her artist eye and am super excited to be able to tap into her talent. I can cook. I can knit. I'm okay at powerpoint. But lest be real, my penmanship is on par with most 10-year-olds, I don't know how to open photoshop, and the last time I thought about the color wheel was middle school. Simply put, I need your skillz Jenn!
  6. Start to register

    • ...I'm glad I wrote that as "start." -- Thanks month-ago-me!
      But really, this one was kinda fun. Right now its looking like two physical "big-box" stores and good ol'Amazon. Trying to keep it simple and convenient for everyone. I share more details when we done tinkering with them.

...On second thought...C-?

womp. womp.

But wait!

Bonus Accomplishment!

... after many hours on Etsy

... its so cool! and definitely a sweet keepsake.

... But really, how does that happen?? "The Himmelwright" - just one. Ryan? Me? who knows! those plurals, they'll get you every time.

So what's next?

Our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:
Its STEP 1 prep time people, we are keeping it simple.

  1. Get Ryan's license corrected.
  2. Get Ryan's passport.
  3. Order Ryan's ring.
    ...sensing a theme here. cough-Ryan-cough :-*
  4. Finalize hotel reservation/ room block.


bride-to-be, over and out. ♥