8 Months Till the Wedding

Countdown Wedding Details Rebecca

Today is January 17th.

Welcome to 2016—This is the year we get married, the year that felt SO far away when we set the date some eighteen odd months ago.

Now, with only 8 months left of our engagement things are getting a little surreal.

For the last few months whenever I get asked:

“How’s the wedding planning going?”

I’ve given a very knee jerk response:

"Pretty good. Actually, pretty much all the big stuff is taken care of!” Smile and give myself a little satisfied pat on the back.


Relax. I got this.

Devil is in the Details.

Guys, confession time: I’m a type-A, moderately obsessive, perfectionist. I know, I know, you're stunned.

I’ve spent the last few months walking around with a bit of cheshire cat grin feeling like I beat the system. We squared away most of the “big stuff” without much fuss.

Wedding venue? Knocked out in a weekend.
Wedding dress? Found it my first afternoon out—Didn’t even have an appointment.

I figured the rest of the “little stuff” would come just as easily—It is just the little stuff after all.


So much for my goal of having “everything” squared away by the end of February.

Good New.

We have gotten a few more things crossed off the list. Yay!

Even Better News.

I have 3rd year clerkship schedule- So now I have an idea of my life will look like post-STEP 1 & pre-wedding.
Surgery for the 6 weeks leading up to the wedding (eek)
Pediatrics the week of, and 5 weeks after the wedding (okay)
...Then I get a week off... Honeymoon perhaps?

Last month's goals & accomplishments:

Over the Holidays Ryan and I wrote those posts I promised in last month’s update. You can find them here:

Introducing our wedding party!

How Ryan asked his groomsmen!

Looking back on our "9-months-to-go" planning goals. We did alright.

1. ASAP Identify florists and bakeries to check out over winter break.
2. Consultations with florists and bakers

3. Second meeting with Pastor Nick

4. Tux fitting at Mens Wearhouse for the gents over the holiday.
5. Look into hotel block options

So what's next? This month's goals:

So our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:

  1. Get Ryan’s passport
  2. Look into jewelry insurance… I keep pushing this one off so I’m sharing with my accountability partner—The Internet
  3. Order Ryan’s wedding ring
  4. Hotel reservation block
  5. Finalize wedding stationary plans
  6. Start to register

    • Oh.... and finish the last two academic blocks of med school. gulp.

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥