9 months till the Wedding

Countdown Wedding Rebecca
Today is December 17th... which means 9 months till the wedding. Woah.

....talk about things that happen 9mths... im supposed to be studying for my human reproduction exam tomorrow. merp. I'll just keep this short.

Last month's goals & accomplishments:

We sent out our Save the Dates on Saturday-- Hopefully, they've arrived in everyone's mailboxes in one piece. :) Click on the link if you want to know a little more about them.

Also, we officially have our wedding party! Yay!
In typical fashion it took me months to ask each of my gals in a contrived, special and individual way (seriously though: I been working on it since July).
Ryan, in a very "Ryan" way, spent months designing, developing and tweaking his single "ask" that he then sent to the guys en masse. It was so good. I'll see if he will write a post about it ;) UPDATE: He did! Check it out here.
I think we will write a post together next week to introduce everyone :)

Last month I shared my "10-months-to-go" planning goals. We did pretty good! :)

1. Get the website ready for its debut (aka post the wedding details that are actually important to guests)
2. Send out Save the Dates!!
3. Touch base with vendors (Bally Spring- new coordinator; DJ- about that contract??)
4. Schedule 2nd session with Pastor Nick.
5. Identify florists and bakeries to check out over winter break.

So what's next? This month's goals:

Ryan and I are headed home for the holidays this weekend after my exam(yay!).
I cannot wait to see everyone! We are very lucky that a lot of our friends and family localize to the same area for the holidays. ♥
I'm a little anxious though because, this is likely the last time we will be home until... May?

My goal is to try and solidify our various vendors & get all in-person meetings taken care of so that everything else can be done remotely. We are doing pretty good so I think that this is a reasonable goal.

So our Wedding Planning Goals for this month:
1. ASAP Identify florists and bakeries to check out over winter break.
2. Consultations with florists and bakers
3. Second meeting with Pastor Nick
4. Tux fitting at Mens Wearhouse for the gents over the holiday.
5. Look into hotel block options

and of course:
6. Slow down and take the time to enjoy each other's company. 'Tis the Season.
Take time to take it easy

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥