About this site (Non-Technical)

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This website is a joint endeavor for Ryan and I.

Those of you who have and the privilege to watch us collaborate in the past know this could get interesting... pour one out for our senior year physics catapult.

Tomorrow marks the 10-month countdown to the wedding. 10 months till our 10th (and 0th) anniversary. Woah.
Thankfully, over the last 15 months of our engagement we have gotten most of the "big stuff" checked off our to-do list. Really, all thats left is the "fun stuff." -Like this website.

The main goals of this website are to
Remember that time when...

I've never been someone who journaled and sometimes this makes me a little sad. Already, I've forgotten so much about about high school, college and even such recent (traumatic) events as applying to medical school.
I intend to only do this whole wedding planning thing once and I want to remember it. Hopefully this blog style reflection will be more to my taste than the empty, pink, glittery diaries of yesteryear.

bride-to-be, over and out. ♥