About this Site (Technical)

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Rebecca and I first attempted to create this site using a wordpress install in conjunction with a LAMP stack that I setup on my Raspberry Pi 2. This worked okay, and allowed us to sort of figure out the organization of the site, but it had some issues.

I was worried about maintaining 24/7 uptime, and also potentially breaking the site. If we lost power, or even our internet connection, the site would be down, and no one would be able to access it. In addition, I often use the Pi as a testing ground for web development, and I didn't want to accidentally change or overwrite something on the wedding website. So, we decided to get a dedicated Digital Ocean droplet to host this website on. This addressed my concerns by having the site isolated in it's own server, and put the uptime responsibility on Digital Ocean's shoulders, not mine.

Our droplet is a 1 core, 512mb RAM, 20GB SSD Ubuntu VM running under KVM. We have full, root access to it. When I made the droplet, I chose to use their 1 click ghost deployment. All I had to do was click a button and the droplet was created with a web-server and the ghost blogging platform all installed on an Ubuntu base. Super simple, and I could be sure everything was configured correctly.

After that, Rebecca and I started working on filling in the site. I had not used the Ghost Blogging platform before, but I really like it. It is like wordpress without all the extra crap. This made it really easy to simply post our content and have it work. You have to setup some feature that I think should work by default (ex: code syntax highlighting), but now that I am learning how Ghost works I realize it really isn't that bad. I also think Rebecca enjoys using it, which is also important.

So I guess that is the basic technical background of the website. I'll continue to write more posts as I work on different technical aspects of our wedding.