Fun with STDs!

DIY Rebecca

...Save the Dates that is.

Sorry guys, the Sex Ed educator in me just couldn't resist :p

I remember early on in this wedding planning journey having a conversation with beautiful Jenn (Rittenhouse) Smith about Save the Dates. What were they? Why do they exist? Isn't that just a waste of paper/postage etc?
Eventually, I came to realize their pre-invitation utility:

I like crafts & Ryan humors me.

10017... Roughly the number of times I called out from behind my computer, "Babe, will you come look at this a second?"

Guys, Pintrest is dangerous. It takes me about 30sec to become completely overwhelmed with potential DIY projects--I want to do them all. Aside from helping me track down some new fonts and providing the initial inspiration/confidence to construct our Save the Dates--I've tried to stay unplugged.

Unnecessarily long story short:

The Save the Dates you should be receiving in the mail within the next week or so were designed and constructed by your's truly. (Shout out to Kathleen for helping me stuff envelopes!)
alt Save the Date:

Reminder Magnets:


bride-to-be, over and out. ♥