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How I asked My Groomsmen

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The Reason Over the last few months Rebecca (my Fiancee) and I have continued making progress on all the little tasks that we have to complete before our wedding. One of these tasks is asking our intended bridesmaids/groomsmen to be in the wedding. Rebecca approached this by asking each of the girls in a way that was...
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Automatic Server Snapshots

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So, after accidentally messing up previous attempts at this website, I wanted to be sure we had a way to easily revert the entire server back. Just in case we... you know... screw something up. Again. As I've written about before, I have set this website up on a digital ocean droplet. One thing I love about Digital...
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About this Site (Technical)

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Rebecca and I first attempted to create this site using a wordpress install in conjunction with a LAMP stack that I setup on my Raspberry Pi 2. This worked okay, and allowed us to sort of figure out the organization of the site, but it had some issues. I was worried about maintaining 24/7 uptime, and also...
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