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Automatic Server Snapshots

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So, after accidentally messing up previous attempts at this website, I wanted to be sure we had a way to easily revert the entire server back. Just in case we... you know... screw something up. Again. As I've written about before, I have set this website up on a digital ocean droplet. One thing I love about Digital...
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About this site (Non-Technical)

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This website is a joint endeavor for Ryan and I. Those of you who have and the privilege to watch us collaborate in the past know this could get interesting... pour one out for our senior year physics catapult. Tomorrow marks the 10-month countdown to the wedding. 10 months till our 10th (and 0th) anniversary. Woah. Thankfully, over...
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About this Site (Technical)

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Rebecca and I first attempted to create this site using a wordpress install in conjunction with a LAMP stack that I setup on my Raspberry Pi 2. This worked okay, and allowed us to sort of figure out the organization of the site, but it had some issues. I was worried about maintaining 24/7 uptime, and also...
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